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Bring your dreams to a reality with our expertly qualified team of custom pool builders.

When undertaking such an overwhelming project such as building a new pool, you want to be completely certain that you are choosing a team with the experience and expertise to provide you with a quick and stress-free experience.

With over 17 years of experience in custom pool building, Stubbs Pools takes great pride in our custom pool building process. We are one of the easiest custom pools builders to work within the Houston area and go to great lengths to provide you with personal guidance throughout the entire process.

Every pool that we design and build is entirely custom and we work tirelessly to get you the most pool for your money. We build every pool as if it were our own - let us show you why Stubbs Pools is the only choice for your custom swimming pool.

Our Custom Pool Building Process

Stubbs Pools is incredibly conscious of your time and schedule during our pool building process. We have designed a system that allows us to complete your project as efficiently as possible with minimal intrusion into your personal life.

Take a look at our process to learn exactly what we do;

Permitting & Approvals

As with any construction project, the City of Houston must grant you permission to build. If you are within the city limits - Stubbs Pools will work directly with the city to gain permits and permissions to begin your custom pool project. If you are outside of city limits, we can generally get started right away.


During this stage of the pool building process, Stubbs Pools will layout the shape of the pool and its features based on the information we gathered during the Design phase of the pool building process.


Stubbs Pools will begin to excavate the earth in the area that the pool, features, and equipment will need to reside in your backyard in order to prepare the area for construction.

Rebar & Stub Out

This is the process in which we frame out your pool with steel and wood. This is what will provide structural integrity to the final product. We are also installing the beginning stages of your plumbing such as your main drains, return lines, skimmers, and any additional plumbing needed for your custom features.

Gunite Application & Cleanup

This is the exciting part of the process where our crew uses high-pressure hoses to shoot our gunite mixture into the pool form. This creates the incredibly tough layer of concrete which will become the shell of your future pool.

This is a fun process to watch and it’s really where your vision starts to take shape as you see the important features of your design coming to life such as underwater benches!

Tile & Coping Installation

Our professional crew of installers will arrive to start laying down all of the decorative waterline tiles around your pool that you selected during the design phase.

We are also installing the coping which will serve as the edge of your pool.

Structural Features

This is the time where any of the additional pool features you chose in the design phase will begin to take shape.

We will install any custom rock formations, spas, water features, fire features, and more.

Plumbing & Electrical

Our professional electricians and plumbers will begin installation on all of the conduit, wiring, lighting, pool equipment, controllers, and everything else that goes into controlling your pool with ease.

We pressure test all of the plumbing lines and make sure that all of your equipment is fully functional.


We begin installing the custom decking around the perimeter of your pool.

This is where the final touches of your design really start to take shape and you start to get the full picture of what your dream pool will become.


Our experienced crew begins the process of applying the plaster to the gunite that was poured in the beginning of our construction.

This will give your pool a nice smooth finished look once it has completely cured and you will get to see whatever custom color you chose.

Fill Pool

This is it! We begin the process of filling your pool with water. We have a unique process of treating the water before it ever touches your pool which helps the curing process of your plaster.

Once full, the pool and all of its equipment will be thoroughly tested for all functions to make sure it is completely operational.

Final Cleanup

Our crew meticulously cleans any remains of our work to make sure that you have a beautiful final product.

Pool School

Our expert consultants will review all of the operational information for your pool and how to use the equipment.

We will also discuss all of your warranty information and give you clear instructions on how to care for your pool in the immediate future as well as the years to come.

Looking to Upgrade Your Existing Pool? We’ve Got You Covered!

We don’t just build new pools - we also upgrade your existing pool to help create that backyard oasis you have always dreamed of!

Stubbs Pools is experienced in;

  • Pool Rebuilds
  • Pool Replasters
  • Adding custom Water Features
  • Retile and coping repair
  • Adding Spas
  • Adding custom Fire Features
  • And more!

Why Choose Stubbs Pools for Your Custom Pool Construction?

Stubbs Pools has been building dream pools for our fine customers all over Houston for over 17 years. With our personal touch, hand-in-hand guidance, and competitive pricing, the choice is simple. Our goal is to build you exactly what you want and we treat every project as if we were building it for ourselves.

Trust Stubbs Pools to build you the custom swimming pool that your family has been asking for! Call us today at 832-995-3035.